Early Morning In The Garden

Early Morning In The Garden

It was one of those mornings when she simply couldn’t wait for the winter (or what that year seemed like an eternal November) to end. She had slipped out of the bed before her husband’s alarm clock had gone off. As she was tiptoeing into the garden, the early morning mist danced under her feet and the breeze gently pulled off her robe. Even though it was only February, she didn’t feel cold. Instead, she sat amidst the flowers, those eternally blooming wonders, and let the petals dance in the wind around her, gradually sticking to her skin. She smiled and let the rising sun kiss her cheek, blissfully thankful that she lived on a SIM that only knew of summer.


“Outfit”: EVIE – Delicious – Body Petals – NEW, available at Equal10

Hair: DOUX – Eleni Hairstyle – NEW, available at Equal10
Head: GENUS Project – Classic Face W001
Body: Slink Hourglass
Skin: . MILA . Camila [Honey]
Eyes: . MILA . Butter Brown Eyes
Eyelashes: . MILA . Dramatic Eyelashes
Lipstick: . MILA . Royalty Lip Gloss

Pose: FOXCITY. Lucid-2

I Know You’re Looking

For My Stalkers2

Ever since she had started her career as an exotic dancer, she had noticed that there’s this certain type of men. The creepy type. The type that got obsessed about her. The type that followed her around and peeked in through her bedroom window.
That evening as she was putting on her sexy lingerie to surprise her husband with, she heard the familiar noises outside her window. She had learnt to recognize those sounds by now, it was the sound of a miserable man leaning against the wall and unzipping his pants while pressing his face against the glass of the window.
She decided to play with the stalker a little. She stood up, her back towards the window, and bent over slowly, pulling her panties off as she leaned over, exposing her most sacred spots for the man spying in on her.
“I wonder which one of them it is tonight…” she thought to herself as she leaned against the bed and stuck her big butt up.
“Hghmm… FUCK!” the man exclaimed, unable to control himself.
She grinned and wiggled her behind. “Sounds like it was Frank this time…”


Corset: Moon Elixir x MUSE – Boudoir Secrets
Stocking: Moon Elixir x MUSE – Morning Glory
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Kirenna Teardrop Pearl – E2
Hair: TRUTH – Eternity
Body: Slink Hourglass
Skin: . MILA . Lotte Skin [Honey]
Eyes: . MILA . Butter Brown Eyes
Eyelashes: . MILA . Dramatic Eyelashes
Lipstick: LUXREBEL – Cool Girl Lipstick

Bed: AnimAlive – Dreams of Sleeping Beauty
Pose: FOXCITY. Red Hot-7
Location: Lizard Lounge