Born in Mildville, the biggest town in Drab County, she had always dreamt of future in a big city with more than two streets and one bar. Therefore, when she got a bus ticket from her mama and papa as a twenty-something birthday present, she was simply over the moon.
“Mama and papa, I’m simply over the moon!” she exclaimed in the breakfast table, jumping in her chair so hard that her sunburnt curls bounced around her face. “If you need me in the next couple of hours, you can find me in my room packing my bag! And after that: in some fancy big city apartment!”
Her eyes widened when she stepped off the bus. She was so excited that she didn’t even notice that she had left her bag in the bus.
She tried to breathe in the pulsing city air but no one had told her that it didn’t smell all that good. She, however, didn’t care. Peering up to the high-rises and hearing the sounds of traffic had made her forget about herself.
After a couple of hours of following her feet wherever they wanted to take her, she found herself in the grittier side of town.
“Oh, I sure loving being in a city but I do wish I had a map… or at least one of those mobile phones”, she thought to herself, looking around in the middle of a big intersection, unable to determine which way she had come from and which way she should go.
As the sun was slowly descending behind the tall buildings, painting them with darker shades of blue and black, she started to worry.
“Excuse me, mister”, she said to the first passer-by.
“Yes, miss?” the man asked.
“Do you know any cheap hotels around here? I don’t need much but it would be mighty fun to sleep with a roof over my head tonight.”
“Hmm… only those pay-by-the-hour types around here. And nothing inexpensive closer to downtown.”
“Darn it!” the girl cried out and folded her arms. “Thank you anyway, mister. Very kind of you.”
The man looked at the blonde as she turned and started to walk away.
“Listen…” he said. “If you’re in trouble, I can help you. I know a place with a free phone and also a possible place to crash.”
The girl stopped and turned towards the man, smiling wildly.
“After all, a pretty thing like you shouldn’t be wandering around all alone in this part of town after midnight”, the man continued and winked at the girl.
“Aw shucks!” she yelled and grabbed the man’s arm as they walked into the night.


Sweater & pants: Ricielli – Raye – NEW, available at Fameshed
Hair: Doux – Cookie – NEW, available at Tres Chic
Head: LeLutka – Erin
Eyeliner: Mila – Flash Winged Eyeliner
Eyelashes: Mila – Celebrity Eyelashes
Lipstick: Mila – Viva Glam Lipgloss
Eyes: Euphoric – Leyla
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Pose: Foxcity – What Gives-2
Location: Sexville (re-opening very soon)

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