By the Pool

Afterwards, she was feeling awfully sweaty. With her skin sticky and glistening, she peeked out of the bedroom window and saw the inviting turquoise pool in the backyard.
“I’m sure that no one will mind if I go for a little dip”, she thought to herself. “Besides no one probably is awake at this hour… or if they are, they’re surely busy with something else.”
She tiptoed out the backdoor and quietly slipped into the pool. A soft moan escaped her lips when the water caressed her body and hugged her every curve.
“This feels amazing”, she whispered and let herself go under the surface.
After holding her body still for nearly a minute, she resurfaced quickly and grabbed the side of the pool. Gasping as she was trying to catch her breath, it took her a moment to realize that she wasn’t alone.
“A slight wardrobe malfunction, huh?” a male voice asked somewhere by the garden chairs.
She looked down and saw her a size or two too small bikini unravel around her.
“Oh no! Don’t look!” she squealed and dove again, hoping that the man would leave. Instead, she heard someone else jump into the pool right before a pair of strong arms gripped her and she felt someone strong, and something hard, press against her from behind.


Bikini: Bombshell – Anni – NEW, available at Fameshed X
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Kizzy Gypsy Hoops
Hair: Doux – Kash
Make up: Iddty Faces – Striptease Collection
Head: LeLutka – Erin
Face tattoos: Meshmafia – Element & N.C.D.
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Enchanted Eyes
Skin: Mila – Daisy Tan
Body: Inithium – Kupra
Tattoo: Vegas Tattoo – Mercy
Hip text tattoo: Pecheresse – Beautiful Disaster – free gift
Pose: Foxcity – Pool Bunny-3
Location: Sexville Swingers’ Society

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