So Sad, So Sexy

So Sad So Sexy

It was her last night at the old gentlemen’s club before the proprietor would close the doors for good. She had just finished the last number of her last set, dancing in a half-empty room to the slow beats of one of her favourite songs.
There was a mixture of certain kind of nostalgia, love, and emptiness inside of her as she sat alone in the dressing room. The other girls had gone but some slow jazz could still be heard playing in the public part of the club. Apparently, the last regulars wanted to empty the bar while it still was there.
She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled at her reflection, knowing that an end is always also a beginning.


Lingerie: Ricielli – Selene
Pearls: Mandala – Pearl Rain Set – Maple Black
Armlet: Michan – Kelsey
Hair: Doux – Mariah
Head: LeLutka – Fleur
Lipstick: Mila – Stay All Day Lipstick – Dark
Eyeliner: Mila – Flash Winged Eyeliner
Face tattoos: Meshmafia – Element & N.C.D.
Skin: ItGirls – Kali Summer
Body: Inithium – Kupra
Body tattoos: Vegas – Mercy
Pose: Foxcity – Cutiepie-5m
Location: Lizard Lounge

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