She was in the middle of getting dressed that morning when she heard a subtle knock on her living room window. Assuming it was her husband who had once again forgotten his keys on the kitchen countertop, she didn’t even think about covering her half naked body.
Her eyes widened when she saw the man, who had just recently moved into the house next door, peek in through the big window. It seemed to take the man a moment to realize what he was staring at, and once he finally did, it seemed to her as if the man’s mouth had opened for a split second before he lowered his head.
“Sorry… Mrs…” the man mumbled.
Not unfamiliar with slightly awkward situations, she thought it was best to not act ashamed or even try to cover herself with her hands. Instead, she walked closer to the window, her exposed breasts bouncing to the rhythm of her steps.
“Yes?” she asked the man after she had reached a decent distance from the window. “Can I help you?”
Even with the man’s head bowed, she could see a grin appear on his face when he said: “I was just wondering… if I could borrow some…”


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Lipstick: Luxrebel – Lux Of The Party
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: ItGirls – Erin Pearl
Pose: Foxcity – Fixated-4

New Year’s Drinks

New Years Drinks

It was a loud night at the local pub the day before New Year’s Eve, in a world where pubs still had loud nights and people actually exited their residences. She had asked you to come join her for a few drinks, and as she turned around at the bar, holding two pints in her hands, she smiled widely and said:
“Which drink will you choose?
The one in my left hand holds a potion that will make this bad dream end for all of us, allowing the world to go back to normal and the humankind to continue as a more loving, tolerant and supporting community.
The one in my left hand holds all the pseudo truths about the governments’, secret societies’ and extra-terrestrials’ attempts to control us using the most minute yet crucial vessels. Also, it’s cat piss.
No matter which drink you choose, I wish you all the best for the new year and hope that it will be a better one for you, your family, and your loved ones.”


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Necklace: AvaWay – Cindy
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Skin: ItGirls – Erin Pearl
Bar, drinks, décor: Death Row Designs – Irish Pub Collection
Pose: Foxcity – Birthday Suit

I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss

“What do you mean you don’t know how to fix it?” she asked and smirked at the poor boy, for he was a boy still, not much over 20 and fairly unexperienced in the catering business. That’s why he had jumped at the first chance to get a trainee position in one of the shady joints in the next town.
“You broke my antique chair”, the woman continued and leaned back in her chair. “So, we have three options, really. Either you fix it, which you said you cannot do. Or you buy me a replacement piece, which we all know you can’t afford. Or… I will make you my chair. Now get down on all fours!” she commanded and kicked the boy in the back of his knee.
The woman laughed when the boy gasped in surprise as his body collapsed on the floor. The woman sat over his back and rocked her hips from side to side slowly to get comfortable on her new chair.
“I did tell you that I’m not bossy… I’m the boss. There’s a difference. And I bet you understand it now”, she grinned and started to sip her afternoon tea, just in time before the early evening crowd.


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The early morning sun caressed her almost naked body as she started to open her eyes. Her vision blurry, it took a moment for the room to take form. The dark corners were the first to appear, then the pile of clothes on the floor between the door and the bed she was lying in. Then, a hairy leg that poked from under the duvet.
She held her head as last night’s events slowly appeared in front of her closed eyes.
Taxi, pub, cider, club, loud music, too many shots, a cute guy with a wine stain on his shirt and a diamond in his mouth.
Slow dancing, bodies pressing together, sweat, more drinks.
Then, another taxi, deep kisses, hands all over, stumbling into a flat, hurried undressing, a number of different poses, more sweat, a total blackout.
She crawled out of the bed slowly and picked the first piece of clothing from the floor on her way to the bathroom. The sun had climbed higher as she leaned against the sink and looked herself in the mirror. Her dried mascara framed her eyes and nose, and what used to be her lipstick looked more like some sort of a rash. After she had washed her face, she looked herself again and smiled.
“Cute”, she whispered to her reflection and grabbed her phone that she had taken with her to the bathroom with the intent of messaging her friend about the eventful night.
Then, a sudden knock on the bathroom door interrupted her train of thought.
“Hey… you… umm, sexy lady… come back to bed! I promised you something special if you stay for the night”, a male voice said on the other side of the locked door. She wasn’t sure, but she thought that it was the sweet-talking dude from the nightclub.
“Sure… but first, let me take a selfie.”


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Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Mila – Teresa Tan
Pose & phone: Foxcity – Selfie V2-2 (Alternate hand position)
Sink & mirrors: Aria & The Loft – Baxter



After a long night, she found a rabbit hole on her tiny backyard. It had a strange glow surrounding it even if it was 3:30 am and pitch dark. Suddenly she heard rustling from a tree above the hole. As she looked up, she saw something that she thought were tiny men dressed in formal tuxedos climbing up the tree. She didn’t see the men well because as soon as she tilted her head up, she tripped and fell down the rabbit hole.
Hours of absurd encounters and unbelievable events later she found herself being chased by a patrol of some sort of card-shaped men.
“Alice? Alice? Alice?” the men chanted.
She turned to look at them and shook her head. “My name isn’t Alice…” she started to say, remembering the signposts she had seen earlier, and added: “But I’m looking for Wonderland.”
“She will do”, one of the card-men said.
“Yes, she must. I don’t want to lose my head.”
“Let’s get her!”
The world started to spin, weird colours and lights filling her vision, and soon she lost consciousness. When she came to, she was nestled up against the tree in her backyard.


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Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Mila – Teresa Tan
Pose: Foxcity – Cutiepie-2 (alternate)
Location: Wonderland

Surprise Number

Surprise Party

As the band was wrapping up another sweaty night of jazz standards, the emcee rushed to the microphone and announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a special surprise number, which the gentlemen in particular might enjoy. Therefore the next round is free for the ladies. And fellas… gather around closer to the stage.”
The crowd looked baffled. The ladies didn’t oppose the free cocktails, but as soon as the half-naked blonde was hoisted up with the stage lift, the complaining started. Luckily, the band was playing a loud and rhythmic blues kind of a song, which swallowed the utterances of displease.
The men couldn’t believe their eyes when the woman shimmied and shook to the rhythm of the tune, her almost naked breasts jiggling ever so slightly and her hips thrusting from side to side. No one knew what the song was or who the girl decorated with blue diamonds and frilly panties was. And no one cared. Well… maybe a few of the women by the bar did. Someone heard someone mention calling the police to the tart’s front door.
As the band played the last notes of the piece and the girl descended back under the stage, the men appeared all but paralysed. It wasn’t until after several harsh comments from the ladies and queueing for a cab in the rain for half an hour that the spell started to slowly fade away.


Panties: BouBouKi – Monelia
Pasties: E-Clipse Design – DiamondFlower
Hair: Truth – Labyrinth
Lipgloss & eyeliner: Velour – Essential Pack Vol. 1
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Head: LeLutka – Erin
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Enchanted Eyes
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Mila – Teresa Tan
Pose: Pose Maniacs – Blaise 3
Location: The Copa Club at Malaika Park


As the sweltering summer was slowly turning to another crispy autumn, the town was sucked into a brief heatwave, as if the summer was trying to harness its last resources to prove its power. The humidity forced most people to stay indoors and those who dared to open the front door soon found their skin sticky and thoughts scrambled.
It was the evening of one of these days when the two happened to enter the same sketchy bar, desperate for cold drinks and hot company. No words were needed in the desolate adult meeting place when the man grabbed the woman by the waist and she in return hopped onto the man’s lap.
Their bodies pressed together, skin sticky with sweat, spilled drinks, and anticipation.
The warmth of the last night of the summer paled in comparison to the couple’s passion, fulfilled behind closed velvet curtains as he held her through the night.


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Pose: Darkfold Productions – Couple Bento Pose Daddy
Location: Lizard Lounge

Back On The Pole

It had been years since she had last felt that smooth, cold metal pole against her skin. So now, when she had recently found her nights unscheduled, she decided that it was time to find out if the thrill was still there.
She took the cab to the shady side of town and sneaked into one of those small strip joints where the drinks were overpriced and the girls cheap.
“Psst, do you mind if I dance here for a moment”, she asked the bartender and opened her overcoat a little, revealing her little lace outfit.
“Umm…” the man behind the bar mumbled, swallowing audibly. “Sure… Candy didn’t show up so the pole’s all yours.”
Soon after she hopped onto the little table that the staff called the “stage”, she was back in the mood, swaying her bottom from side to side to the rhythm of some racy electro song. For a moment, she was afraid that she might break her neck but the old tricks came naturally. In fact, she was enjoying it so much that she didn’t even notice the bar gradually filling up.
Dollar bills of different value kept raining on her and in just two hours, she had earned her next month’s rent.


Bodysuit: BouBouKi – Lavia
Hair: Doux – Marie Hairstyle
Eyeshadow: Luxrebel – Starship
Lipstick: Luxrebel – You’re So Money Baby
Eyelashes: Mila – Messy Eyelashes
Eyes: Mila – Butter Brown Eyes V2
Head: Genus Project – Classic Face W001
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Mila – Vanessa Tan
Pose: Foxcity – Pole Artist-6
Location: Sexville

Luxury Of Me Time


It had been a while since she last had the whole afternoon just for herself. No scheduled meetings, no need to think about anyone else, simply no plans.
She smiled as she sat down on the soft fur she had placed in front of the fireplace. She leaned against her fortress of pillows and started to go through her pile of unread romance novels.
“What’s this one about…?” she mumbled to herself as she started to read the back of one of her books. The suggestive expressions caught her attention and she started to read the novel from the beginning. At one point, her free hand wandered down along her body, making her silky dress slip over one curve and curl up over the other.
Without even realizing it, she was gradually undressing herself while her eyes devoured the racy story of the book. She hadn’t remembered to close the living room curtains, so the old man next door might have gotten an interesting show if he happened to be out on his yard at the right time.


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Fur rug, pillows, books: AnimAlive – Seduction Scene

Purple People Beater

A dentist by day and a dominatrix by night, she lived what some might call a double life. However, easing the pain of her patients by day and making her clients suffer during the long nights, she was a professional of both physical and psychological agony.
Her clientele covered all walks of life from blue-collar workers and housewives to physicians, professors and even nuns. Whenever someone in town needed to be controlled or punished, she was the one they turned to. No one knew her real name, they just referred to her as the “purple people beater” because there was always something purple in her otherwise dark appearance.


Outfit: BouBouKi – Mandy
Hair: Doux – Valetina Hairstyle
Nails: Formanails – Wedding
Lipstick: Luxrebel – Sugar
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Royalty Eyes
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Head: Genus Project – Classic Face W001
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