Code Red

For weeks, she had had her eye on this one guy that she had ran into in different places. The last encounter was when they had to share a cab because they lived in roughly the same direction.
“Oh crap, I left my wallet at the bar”, the man sighed as the cab pulled over in front of her townhouse.
“Oh no… and I only have my card… but I think that I have some cash inside. Would you like to come in for a drink and then we can call you another cab?” she asked as she paid for her share of the ride.
A drink, or two, later, she felt courageous enough to ask the man if he would like another drink while she changed into something more comfortable.
“You know, I should probably go soon…” the man started but his words were cut by the sight that had emerged from the bedroom in front of him. The man’s eyes widened and he was unable to utter another word.
“Code red… I’m on fire…” the woman whispered as she walked towards the man. “You ignited the flame the first time you looked at me.”
The man leaned back on the couch as she climbed on his lap. They didn’t end up having those third drinks until 5:30 am the next day.


Lingerie: Dhoma – Love Lingerie Set
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Kalistar Collar
Ring: SpotCat – Wedding Bento Rings
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Lipstick: Morgenstern – We Found Love
Eyeliner: Morgenstern – Leona
Eyelashes: Mila – Celebrity Eyelashes
Head: LeLutka – Erin
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Enchanted Eyes
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Mila – Teresa Tan
Pose: Stun – Evan3 – NEW, available at Dubai Event
Location: Lizard Lounge

I’m Not Gonna Hurt You

I'm Not Gonna Hurt You

From the outside the house looked just like any other house, but inside there was a different world. A world of pain and pleasure, of lust and lacerations.
She was still fairly new to the place but they paid her well, so she did her best to satisfy every patron. On one uneventful Thursday evening, a mousy man descended the stairs into the dark basement. His legs visibly shaking, his hands squeezing a baseball cap in front of his groin.
“First time here?” she asked with a friendly but firm voice.
The man nodded, his gaze glued to the floor.
“It’s okay”, she continued, caressing the whip attached to her collar. “I’m not gonna hurt you… just close your eyes…”
Afterwards, as she was thinking about that particular man, she was surprised what a loud scream such a shy little man could produce.


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Head: LeLutka – Erin
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Body: Maitreya – Lara
Chest tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Never Stop Dreaming
Hip tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Agyrtria
Skin: Mila – Teresa Tan
Pose: Foxcity – Vacant-7m
Location: Lizard Lounge

Luxury Of Me Time


It had been a while since she last had the whole afternoon just for herself. No scheduled meetings, no need to think about anyone else, simply no plans.
She smiled as she sat down on the soft fur she had placed in front of the fireplace. She leaned against her fortress of pillows and started to go through her pile of unread romance novels.
“What’s this one about…?” she mumbled to herself as she started to read the back of one of her books. The suggestive expressions caught her attention and she started to read the novel from the beginning. At one point, her free hand wandered down along her body, making her silky dress slip over one curve and curl up over the other.
Without even realizing it, she was gradually undressing herself while her eyes devoured the racy story of the book. She hadn’t remembered to close the living room curtains, so the old man next door might have gotten an interesting show if he happened to be out on his yard at the right time.


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Ears: L’Etre – Basic Mesh Ears
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Mila – Vanessa Tan
Fur rug, pillows, books: AnimAlive – Seduction Scene

Liquid Diamond

Her eyes were the shade of turquoise that reminded the beholder of the vast Pacific early in the morning when the rising sun turns the entire ocean into diamonds.
But behind her eyes lay another sea, a secret one with water much murkier than what her ocean eyes led to believe.
For a long time, she had felt as if cold chains were tightening around her, holding her still, but now the sea inside her was rising. Soon it would break the chains and discharge its icy water into her veins, unravelling her and melting her into liquid diamonds.
Someday the sun would cast its warm rays on her and she would dissolve in the sky.


Chain lingerie: BouBouKi – Corona
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Body: Slink Hourglass
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Pose: Foxcity – Breezy-1

Walk Home

Walk Home

She had just left her last client of the night. The sky fell apart when she stepped on the street. Drops of water fell on her, gluing her hair to her cheeks and making her fur jacket weigh tons.
She skipped over the puddles that were gradually forming on the pavement, her leather skirt sticking to her thigh.
“Oh crap. If only she had paid in cash, I could get a cab”, she thought to herself.
The next day she decided to stop making house calls. No permanent was so urgent that her clients couldn’t wait 12 hours and come to her salon when it’s open.


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Jacket: .:villena:. – Pelted Fur Jacket – Black
Skirt: [NyDesign] Tied Mini Skirt
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Eyeshadow: *League* Comes with the Sadie skin hud
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Eyes: Avi-Glam Enchanted Eyes
Body: -Belleza- Freya
Skin: L’Etre Nina [Pearl Tone]

Pose: FOXCITY. Formal VOL2-4

Location: Lizard Lounge

Don’t You Know Who I Am?

Don't You Know Who I Am?

She walked into the dusky lounge with determination in her steps. Leaning against the bar, she sighed and waved at nothing in particular.
“I’m here to meet someone…” she uttered, her voice saturated with frustration and anxiety. “I don’t know where he is. Do you have like… different sections here for people of…?” she started to ask but after giving the place a quick inspection decided to suck her words back into her mouth.
“What would you like to have?” the girl behind the counter asked with an indifferent voice, never raising her eyes from the highball glass she was polishing.
“A vodka martini. And make it a naughty one”, the lady replied idly and tapped the wooden surface of the bar with her stiletto nails.
“A naughty martini? What’s that? Are you sure you don’t mean “dirty martini?” I’m sure that’s what you meant”, the bartender said and drew the quotation marks in the air with her right index and middle fingers, causing the blonde to turn her head towards her.
“No. A naughty martini. Don’t you know who I am?! A naughty martini is a martini with a splash of sex. Named after me.”
The girl behind the bar rolled her eyes.
“Whatever you say…” she mumbled and poured some gin into a cocktail shaker.


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Location: Lizard Lounge